Head of Poetic Prose

My name is Anna and I’m your Head of Poetic Prose! I’ve been at Wordsmith Library for a few months now, and I edit your wonderful writing whilst I study my Communications degree at the University of Leeds! Wordsmith Library has allowed me to develop my love for literature and carry on being creative despiteContinue reading “Head of Poetic Prose”

Head of Prose

Hi there everyone, I’m Will and I’m currently doing a Masters in English Lit following a BA in English and Philosophy. I love all forms of creative writing and speculative fiction and have recently been getting a lot more into different forms of poetry. I enjoy reading a lot of sci-fi and fantasy but willContinue reading “Head of Prose”

Editor in Chief

Hi, my name is Emma and I’m Editor in Chief of Wordsmith Library! I am a University of Leeds graduate with a BA English Literature degree. I launched Wordsmith Library during my final year as I wanted an online space for myself and others publish their creative writing. I created Wordsmith Library to be aContinue reading “Editor in Chief”

Rings Round Roses

It’s cute, I suppose. The living room is decked out with glistening fairy lights whilst the fire simmers quietly, breathing an amber glow for the room. There are leafy, pink plants here and there. Actually, grand is probably a better word than cute. The roses climbing the walls are a touch I wasn’t expecting. WhenContinue reading “Rings Round Roses”

Les Chaussures Rouges

Her satin shoe, a foetusshe beats and slams and smashescrushing with her own hands,beating against the wall and hammeringuntil it is cracks with the same soundas each of her hipsborn as her second skin.She strikes a match,            holding it to the new-born’s straying hairswatching the flames lick and whip ravenouslyuntil the frays have sealed. ChokingContinue reading “Les Chaussures Rouges”