Heart Trouble

If you think you’re gonna strafe me with your highfalutin barbs…Guess again. If you think you’re gonna chafe me so I cannot burn some carbs…Guess again. If you hope to keep me flailing with your herky-jerky moods, So callous, so Kantian — so thick with egocentric foods…Guess again. For what we have, it seems to me, is aContinue reading “Heart Trouble”

No Blueberries

Burrowed beneathsoft faded sheetstunnellingfrom the morning lightyearning to stayprotected bythe night’s blanketthieving your warmthborrowing your right arm. A bowl of fruit:Chopped apple,banana,peaches,mango,strawberries,raspberries,(no blueberries),as fruit salad should becoaxes me awake.I’m not hungryI don’t want to moveI don’t want to beassaultedby a sunrisebut how can I turn downa bowl of fruitwhen you rememberedno blueberries? An Americano:Four shotsContinue reading “No Blueberries”

Drops Of Tranquility

There’s a calmness; a tranquilitythat runs through my bloodlike rivers. The water’s warm; it holds no shivers. It holds no ailments or things that cause pain. It flows in wonderment, reeling ina love to gain. The calmness takes my heart and raises ittowards the sky. To rememberthe single feelingof many momentsthat keep you high. The feeling flies…with tranquility.Continue reading “Drops Of Tranquility”